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After watching Wonder Woman I fell so hard in love with the DC cinematic version of ‘Themyscira’! The director of the movie clad some astoundingly strong, ethnic and powerful women in armour and fur and made them an army of fierce warriors! In real life these women were farmers, gymnasts, body builders, martial artists, fighters, horse-riding models and more. My Mum always taught me to love strong legs and fierce women, because they are a phenomenon and rarely get the recognition they deserve. This painting is my cultural warrior who makes me feel like I could have been apart of the tribe on Themyscira myself because I relate to her. 

I always love to create art that takes us back in time. When I want to escape realities, my imagination likes to time travel. How beautiful it is to be in a world where you live off the land and can be completely at one with your thoughts and nature. How beautiful to clad yourself in copper armour and wonder through the wilderness. This painting can give you a sense of ancestry and lineage as she sits on your wall with a fierce presence.

ARTISTS NOTE Notice her metallic shines and natural exposed woods that ground her to be an earthy beauty.


1/2" or 1.27cm white border inclusive of the print



Giclee Print on textured cotton rag. 
Archival and museum quality. 
Sturdy, superb longevity and resistant to fading. 
*Colours may slightly differ due to monitor calibrations and printing. 
*Prints are unmounted and unframed.
*Images are examples only and should not be considered as an exact size.

To create a stronger presence, purchase a larger frame. By using a white mat board to fill in the gap between your print and frame, as shown in some of the sample photos, your artwork will create a stronger appeal in any space, room or wall. 


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