"Desert Wonderers"

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 S T O R Y

This painting means a lot to me because I grew up feeling like a nomad myself. As a mixed-race girl, with the blood inside me at war, I found it hard to know where I belonged. I never doubted that there was beauty in my nomad blood and in fact, I always knew there was something special about it, but it did not stop me from struggling to make my place in this world; to find my sense of home.  This family may seem culturally familiar on the outside, but when you notice their attire, their anatomical features, and that otherworldly way of moving, you will no doubt realise they are uniquely different. This painting is my love letter to diversity. To all nomads out there

A R T I S T  N O T E S

This long canvas accents the mystique and gloriousness of these rolling hills and rising mist. The mountain ridges that dip down into the sun create a natural vector to frame and illuminated my travellers. I purposely keep all my elements compacted in this scene to create a striking composition. Celebration of diversity- Japanese, African, Polynesian attire with a Middle Eastern family and camel on an inspired Silk Road.  

D E S C R I P T I O N 

Original Size- 122cm x 61cm

Printable Sizes- Pending

Media- Oil on canvas

H O W   T O  P U R C H A S E

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