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 S T O R Y

Pronounced - “Guh-bu-n” [‘bu’ as in “book”] This painting is a heavy rendition of a piece by the incredible hyper-realistic animal portrait painter, Caral Grace. Gaboon has a beautiful innocence, while also being a symbol of graceful empowerment. He is one of the most viewed artworks, due to his captivating gaze. He is so fascinating that you almost forget he is caught forever in this artwork, never aging, or moving. Yet how is it that when you look into his eyes, it feels like you have pressed resume on his life, and start living in his moment? Then slowly mist and dust start to dance off the canvas. This is what Gaboon does, He conjures a striking connection with his audience. Also, he is the most versatile painting for décor.

A R T I S T S  N O T E S

When looking at the mist, notice the layered brush strokes. These dabbed strokes are layered on top of each other like loose petals of a white rose, scattered on the canvas. Note the detailing in the hide of the beast, the natural discolouration of the raw ivory tusks, and the shading and highlighting values that work in harmony.

D E S C R I P T I O N 

Original Size- 100cm x 75cm

Prints- Available Here

Media- Oil on canvas

H O W   T O  P U R C H A S E

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