"My Skypia"

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S T O R Y 

Skypia is a little play on words.

Skypiea- a fictional world in the sky. Here live fantastical creatures who excite the imagination. This fantasy world is full of strong tribal traditions, thrilling adventures in the clouds and a place I wanted to associate my art with. You may know this world from the Japanese art of Manga- One Piece

Pia- a Hindi name to betroth my subject to her cultural roots.

Empowering Women Art- As women our cultural identity is like a glorious veil shrouded over us to adorn our figures. We have an elegant and powerful aura- a seen and unseen sensation about us. We glide when we’re adorned and we sparkle when in the dark. There is something surreal about a woman’s beauty and here you see her glory like that of the cosmos.

Cultural beauty is expressed on the inside as much as it is on the outside, and this painting is my homage to that ideology. So I designed it to be reversible.
Taking a photo in negative will reveal another version of this painting and challenge your concept of beauty. It’s layered and it’s divine.

“Never have I seen a nose that didn’t suit the face it came with” 


Media- Oil on canvas & varnished 

Size- 45.5 x 60cm 

Prints- Not available

H O W   T O  P U R C H A S E

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