"Majesty in Simple Colours"

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 S T O R Y

A rendition of a piece of concept art by Aaron Blaise. This painting is a statement piece that brings vitality to your room. Its energy is like gravity, a pull you cannot ignore. ‘Majesty in Simple Colours’ is the perfect complement for natural interior styles! Plant life, wicker or wooden furniture, linen sheets, woven baskets, bohemian rugs, ethnic vases with exotic flowers, minimal colour or an exotic palette all become enriched when paired with this painting.

And what is the unique affect it has on your space?  Well, on top of its ability capture the minds of you and your guests, this painting strongly emanates ‘majesty’, which completely changes the atmosphere of a room to be empowering and inviting.

A R T I S T S  N O T E S

Pay attention to the harsh scrubbing technique of dry acrylic paint used to create the look of texture of the fur. Also note the contrast of realism and impressionism. The subtle drifting in and out of fantasy and real life.


Original Size- 75cmx100cm

Prints- Available Here

Media- Acrylic on canvas

H O W   T O  P U R C H A S E

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