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 S T O R Y

Pasifika Art- I love how much poise and beauty we especially show when expressing our cultures. It is like some natural phenomenon! How stunning we are when we confidently and boldly display the traditions of our blood. It would hardly be as beautiful to see cultural dances, singing, talents and attire if we were all the same! Isn’t life amazing? We start of from different lands, fall in love with each other, combine our bloodlines and then create generations on generations of children born with even more unique and treasurable blood!

So why do we reserve the love of exotic variety only for museums? We should all be celebrated like we are different artworks in a gallery, this is what I want- my art to celebrate our differences.

A R T I S T S  N O T E S

This painting features a culturally diverse and strong woman. Notice her garb isn't just one specific background attire. Rather she is a representation of an array and mix of cultures ranging from Polynesia to Africa.  This beautiful pasifika inspired print is painted on wood. It is fitting since traditional islander garb uses the earth and nature for inspiration and pieces. Also note the exposed wood. I even let the wooden textures seep through the skin tones by leaving negative space on her body. I wanted her to be connected to nature and earth.


Original Size- 100cm x 75cm

Media- Oil and pencil on wood panel

P R I N T S  A V A I L A B L E

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